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Friday, April 04, 2008

CF Articles: April

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Poignant Posture

Oftentimes in Scripture, one will find poignant images that stick to the memory bank like glue. In preparing a sermon this week, I was struck by a very short part of the passage at hand, which I hope and pray is an encouragement to the reader, as well. In 2 Chronicles chapters 5 through 7, the new Temple which Solomon built is being dedicated to the LORD for present and future service. The LORD shows His approval in several ways, including saturating the place with His Glory so much so that the priests could not even remain in the Temple to minister! This has consistently been a major point of awe in my own life – really, may we long for the sweet presence of the LORD to fill our own hearts so much so that we cannot help but worship Him! Just as the Temple was present in the Old Testament for worship, today we are built to be Temples fit for the Holy Spirit (cf. 1 Corinthians 3:16; 6:19-20)! Even so, may our lives be as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God (cf. Romans 12:1)!

But this week, I was struck by something else – something new to me. In 2 Chronicles 6:12-13, Solomon gets up on a platform in front of the Altar, a location where everyone can see him and participate in the prayer. As this was a celebration, he was no doubt dressed in his royal garb. Jesus noted the splendor of Solomon in the Gospels (cf. Matthew 6:29, Luke 12:27), and the nation of Israel was at a time of massive affluence. There was one Kingdom of Israel – no split had occurred. In this time of abundance and unity, Solomon arrayed in his extravagant garments was getting ready to pray to dedicate the Temple of the LORD.

What hit me powerfully was the posture that King Solomon took. Although he was up on a platform with royal garments and a crown, he kneeled down in a posture of obeisance (2 Chronicles 6:13). Even more, he spread out his hands before God, showing his dependence on the King of Kings who had granted him the privilege of being King of Israel. Solomon, though blessed with unbelievable wealth, realized his personal inadequacy as well as the true source of Power. This is true worship! I am reminded of Heaven, as we are promised a crown of righteousness for persevering in obedience to Jesus. We will have this crown, but we do not deserve worship. We have a Mighty King, regardless of our own status, and the proper posture is as Solomon’s – one of humility!

In our own lives, when God places us in a position of authority, will we lord it over others, or will we obey Jesus in Matthew 20 where He states that the greatest among you will be the servant of all? Will we be as Herod in Acts 12 and receive the praise of the people without giving God the glory? Or will we be as John the Baptist, who understood, “He must increase, I must decrease” (John 3:30)? As we stand in service to the LORD before His Altar in everyday life, may we remember Solomon’s posture, and may we recognize the Lordship of our Savior Jesus Christ, by whom all things consist. May we have clean hands and pure hearts in approaching Him, knowing that it is only by Him that we can have boldness and confidence (cf. Hebrews 4:14-16). May we be humbled in the presence of Almighty God, who gave His own Son for us, that we might live through Him.

So let us seek Him if we have not yet found Him. Let us also serve Him wholeheartedly in all that we do. Finally, let us give worship to whom it is due – our wonderful Father in Heaven, the blessed Son and Savior, and the Holy Spirit our comforter!

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