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Thursday, May 01, 2008


Wow, um, I got bored after the evening service tonight, so I finished all the rest of my written work at Trinity.


I'm not fully done with everything while still here, so my list is still full, but taking care of the written stuff makes things much lighter.

School stuff:
- Exit Interview, Church Planting Class (I have no clue why, but he's doing that with everyone in the class)
- Exit Interview, Internship

Church tasks:
- Service planning on Thursday
- Sunday service, will find out my part tomorrow
- Spiritual Gifts assessment curriculum
- Finish surveys and evangelistic tracts

Other stuff:
- Fill out medical insurance forms
- Insurance phone interview
- Inner-city event, Friday 5/2

- Racine, Wisconsin
- Romeoville, Illinois(?)

Here's a link to the basic sermon outline, sans-introduction and other tangents:

I will see if I can get the audio from it. It was a powerful time. Lots of red eyes at the end from the time of response, so the Holy Spirit worked, and it was refreshing to see. :)

I also was blessed this week with an Evangelism Award, which came with a decent sum of cash. I had $7 in my wallet until then. Sweet! Anyway, I have to pray about how I'll use that. I used my Leadership Award money from last year to dedicate toward finding a wife (i.e. money for dates). Hopefully I can use that again soon!

Graduation on May 10!