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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Dental Ow-age

This week has been ridiculous, but hopefully after tomorrow's meeting with H&R Block, I can be done with obligations for the break!

Dentist & Orthodontist
I'm very good about brushing my teeth and flossing. I got a perfect 10 on dental health, and I got a "none" rating on gum bleeding after the dentist's brutal flossing adventure. On a typical day, I brush 4 or 5 times and floss, but even with this all in mind, I had three cavities in my front four teeth.

They were shallow and early in their decay, but today's trip to the dentist was ridiculously painful. I don't know what my deal is with being numb. First, when the topical anesthetic is put on my gums, my heart races, and I keep thinking, "I'm going to be numb," and I have to breathe deeply so I don't black out. I don't know how much is mental and how much is physiological. I know some is definitely physiological, and probably most of it since I've fainted from a reaction to a numbing eye drop before, and my heart does crazy stuff after the topical stuff.

However, even more, once I get the numbing shot, in 10 minutes, I feel everything again. EVERYTHING. Maybe it was because the cavities were so far forward. However, every time the drill went on (I cringe every time I think about today), it was horrible. Oh man, especially when they'd drilled it down and then the assistant blew cold air on it. OWWWWWW.

Ug. Yeah, so I kept getting shots, and then 10 minutes later, I would feel it all again. About 5 minutes after walking out, I felt everything again. Yeouch.

I'm glad that's done, but man, my teeth were throbbing after I felt it again.

I told my nephew Evan (he's 5), and he told me:

Evan: "Uncle Sterling"
Me: "Yeah?"
Evan: "You should brush your teeth...EVERY DAY!"
Me: "I do! I usually brush 4 or 5 times a day!"
Evan: "Oh.......You should stop eating food!"


Evan also insists that I want a boomerang for my birthday (instead of a wife or ordination or both, which I really could go for).

Done in May
It's about TIME! I can't wait to be done with school for all intensive purposes. Maybe one day, I'll be "Dr. Sterf" instead of "DJ Sterf," but I really just want to get out and pastor a church. I'd do the degree if the church or elder board wanted me to keep up some form of Theological education, though that'd be well within part-time.

32-Minute Video
I had an interview with a French gaming mag, and they literally took out everything I said about Jesus and Salvation. They did keep a general 'God' in there, but yeah, here's the entire interview unedited:

They did want to link a YouTube video from my channel to the interview, so I made a 32-minute evangelistic video with a lot of random stuff in it (DDR in a suit, a tour of the church, Buffalo Wild Wings, Psalm 23 devotional, etc.). It's 32 minutes long.


I finished the series on being sent & commissioned by God (Isaiah 6 - Matthew 28 - Acts 13). I'm starting another on some passages relating to the power of Prayer (starting w/ Acts 3 & 4). The Minor Prophets continue with Micah this Sunday. I think I'm done with Youth Group for a while.

I did a show for the Youth Group, and I played MAGIC Speedball as the last song. I still have the audio from when people absolutely freaked out during the speed-up. I had eight sections this time, each separated by a song or set of songs. The sections this time were: General Intro - Testimony - Talents - Glorifying God - Perfection (our lack of and God's solution to) - Discipleship - Suffering - Hope.

Hehe that's enough for an entry. God bless.

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