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Friday, December 21, 2007


It's really late.

I saw many people from my high school graduating class tonight, as Laura put together an informal 6.5-year reunion. It'll be interesting to see over the years what people do, how they develop and change, etc. Most people were still in school in one form or another.

That being said, I'm glad to be done with the semester. I have ONE MORE to go. Wow.

In January, if things go through on the school-side (it's looking pretty good), then I'm planning a 10-week Sunday School series on the Minor Prophets. There are 12 Minor Prophets, and an intro & conclusion that would be tight to put in. Here is one option:

(1) Intro & Jonah
(2) Obadiah & Joel
(3) Hosea
(4) Amos
(5) Micah
(6) Nahum & Zephaniah
(7) Habakkuk
(8) Haggai
(9) Zechariah
(10) Malachi & Conclusion

This puts the books in general approximate chronological order, though there is some +/- there. Haggai could also be combined with another book if necessary since it's 2 chapters, though there's definitely a lot to Haggai.

The study would focus mainly on Applications & Theological Observations (what can we learn about God from this book?). Example from Habakkuk:

Theological Observations

-The LORD allows questioning. He is not threatened by it (1:2-4ff.)
-The LORD responds graciously but firmly to Habakkukís questioning (1:5-11, 2:2ff.)
-The LORD hears the distressed prayers of faithful Habakkuk (e.g. 1:5-11)
-The LORD uses judgment and chastisement to bring His people back to Him (1:5-11)
-The LORD uses even the most unexpected agents to carry out His purposes (1:6-11)
-The LORD knows what Heís doing (1:14-17ff.)
-The LORD is faithful to keep His Word (2:2-3)
-The LORD is massively just (2:6-20)
-The LORD is powerful and mighty to save (Chapter 3)
-The LORD brings hope (3:16-19)
-The LORD is our strength (3:19)


-The LORD has been faithful throughout history and will continue to be faithful.
-The LORD is so faithful to His covenant with us that He even would give His Son for us, even after centuries of unfaithfulness.
-Question the LORD faithfully, rooted in hope.
-Run to the LORD in trials and chastisement, not away from Him.
-The LORD often uses people and groups of people as a means of blessing and judging (1:6-11)
-Do not despise the chastening of the LORD (cf. Hebrews 12:6)
-Let us get rid of any idols in our own lives, as the people of Judah suffered because of it. The LORD our God is a jealous God! Letís avoid idolatry.
-The LORD often cries out ĎHow Longí to His people, desiring them to return to Him!
-If you need to return to the LORD, repent!
-In seeing the LORDís faithfulness and saving power, live in faith and trust in Him for salvation.
-Sometimes we must wait patiently to see an answer from the LORD (2:3)
-The LORD will preserve a remnant of people Ė those who live by faith (2:4)
-The LORD will in due time bring judgment (cf. Hebrews 9:27)
-Let us live by our faith in trusting the LORDís provision and timing (cf. Romans 4)
-We are even today saved by faith in Godís plan Ė faith in Jesus (cf. John 3:16-18)
-In seeing the LORDís past provision, have hope in His provision in the future (3:3-19)
-The LORD is powerful and mighty to save (3:3-13)
-The LORD also preserved His people to bring about the Messiah, Jesus (3:13)
-In the midst of despair, trust in the LORD (3:16-19)

So doing this for every book will be neat. Note that Habakkuk is pretty short, too.

I also don't know what the point of the picture on the left is. Hopefully this Christmas season, we won't fly away from God.

During this Christmas season, focus on the birth of Jesus, but also on the purpose of His coming -- to save His people from their sins (Matthew 1:21).

Thanks to His coming, there is hope for mankind. Instead of being enemies of God, hopeless and destined to eternal punishment, we can be made the righteousness of God through faith in Jesus and His work for us. He was our perfect sacrifice.

And because of that, may we be thankful, and if we have not come to Him yet for salvation, may we seek Him even now to repent of our sins & accept His gift of salvation.

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