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Friday, April 11, 2008

'Til May 10...

This is more of a logistics-based and planning-oriented post, but I'll throw in a Paranoia Survivor AAA video at the end just to balance it out.

Here's what I have left to do this semester:
- At least 1 more meeting w/ my primary mentor & 1 more meeting w/ my secondary mentor
- Read the rest of the Missional Leader book (PT 7220), 4/24
- Read the Trull & Carter book (PT 7210), 4/29
- 4 more Internship Journal entries, finished 4/30
- Internship Paperwork, 4/30
- Research paper on a pastoral leadership topic (PT 7220), 5/1
- Internship Exit Interview (I need to schedule this, too), early May
- Take-Home Exam (PT 7210), due 5/8

[- No more midweek services to preach]
- Sunday School finished this Sunday (Malachi & Conclusion are left), 4/13
- GMO stuff as it comes up
- Start up Cross Allegiance for 'Season 2' (second burst of videos)
- Article for CF due 4/15
- Put together a curriculum for Spiritual Gift Assessment, 4/15-19
- Preaching Sun. morning at New Hope, 4/27
- Crossroads Baptist, 4/27?
- Inner-city Kids Home, 5/2?

I preach in GA at the conference 'Young Guns for the Lord 2008' on May 16-17. I still don't have a church opening after I leave here on the 11th/12th of May. I might check in with the Salvation Army back home to see if they want to do a Baptismal class & water baptisms with the inner-city kids. I might also need to take a side job, though I'm not sure on that one.

Here's a video of me AAAing Paranoia Survivor: