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Saturday, May 31, 2008

International Flavor

Site Stuff

Looking at visitor statistics this month, the top visitors this month are from:

1. China
2. China
3. France
4. Spain
5. China

...and for the first time, the most popular section is Movies (mostly DDR videos), and the second most popular section is Music (mostly mp3s of old stuff).

I'm wondering if one of my missionary friends to China told people about my site.


Yeah. Done with Trinity. I did finish with a 4.0 in my Master's concentration (Pastoral Care), and all the Counseling electives I took were As (10 courses if I count correctly). My cumulative GPA was a 3.7, which is a far cry from the 4.0 I got at NC State in both my degrees. I did resolve to do a few things before starting at Trinity (not to make grades an idol, not to risk sanity over perfectionism), but I still feel a little annoyed with myself in that I could have aimed higher. However, that's easy to say now that I'm not taking 18 or 19 a semester of grad credits while doing 40-50 or more hours of ministry per week. I tend to seek overachievement a little too much sometimes.

Things are a little too quiet for my liking. I feel idle when there's nothing to do, but I'm not sure that I can handle doing much of anything for at least another week or two. I feel better than I did last time I posted, but I still feel the trauma of the 7-year grind I just undertook. I finished 11 years of coursework in 7 years. I also feel the shock of the contrast between having everything to do and having everything not to do.

So I figured that I'd pick up a game and obliterate it. I asked Ken if I could borrow his Nintendo 64, and I started from scratch with Mario 64. I've taken about 15 stars a day, and I'm at 111 right now. I have 9 more to go, so I'll try to get some time this weekend to finish the game off. It's been pretty therapeutic...except for that Shifting Sands world. I can't STAND that world. I need to finish that world, though. I have one that I can't find on Rainbow Ride, but it should be pretty easy to get once I find the cannon. Don't give me any hints, either.

I also have about 99% of everything backed up from my old computers and on this new laptop. It already has some issues, so I might take it in at some point soon. The headphone jack doesn't work quite right, and the keyboard lags out quite a lot. I'll optimize the system when I feel up to it. It's nice to encode videos on this thing, though. It's much faster than the 2001 laptop that I was using for the last ...many years.

lol @ some of these pictures:

Here's an inverted image I did for 'Grand Slam Magazine' from a basketball party I had back in like 1995 or so. Wow, that's a long time ago. I'm going up to dunk it --

The next one is me hosting Teen Scene Jeopardy, which was back in 2000 or 2001. I should really know the date, but I don't. That's about it!

Anyway, I have tons more pictures, but I'll put them in picture albums if and when I feel like it. Yay!

The end.


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