Vacation Bible School

1st & 2nd Grade


Day 2 – Ireland


Teacher: Mr. Sterling (…again)



Worship issues – matter of balancing enjoyment and seriousness…



-         Philip & the Ethiopian

-         Codex

-         What G.R.A.B.S. you from the lesson yesterday?

-         John 3:36 (Memory Verse for Monday)


Story (from 2 Kings 22:1-23:4, 21-25, kids open up Bibles if they have them)



-         8 years old…becomes king of Judah (in Jerusalem)

o       He was a rarity: he honored God!

o       Only 8 of the 20 kings of Judah were honoring to God.


-         He ruled for 31 years…during his reign, he had a major find

o       Josiah sends Shaphan (his messenger) to the temple to collect offerings to put into repairing the temple.

o       The problem of IDOL WORSHIP in Judah up until Josiah.


Hilkiah, the High Priest, finds the Book of the Law!

-         Had been missing for quite some time…people living in ignorance.


(Someone Reads 2 Kings 22:11)


When Josiah read what the Scripture said, he realized that he and his nation were not pleasing to God.  He was very grieved…so much so that he tore his clothes!  (That was common back then…don’t do it now, PLEASE!)


Josiah wants to find out what they should all do…so he sends 5 men out to a prophetess – Huldah.  She basically listens to God.  (Like Jonah…ask about VeggieTales movie, too…)


-         Huldah responds that God is very angry…they had been disobeying His Commands all this time.

o       Read verses from Exodus 20 and talk about The Ten Commandments.

o       First Commandment…no other gods/idols.


-         But…Josiah was humble and repentant.

o       1 John 1:9 (Memory verse) – “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.”


-         Josiah wanted to set his people straight…

o       Went to the temple and read what the Bible had to say.

o       Had a ceremony where people promised to serve God, the creator of all things, and make Him the center of their lives.

o       Burned all the pagan vessels from the temple.


When is God angry?

- Neglect – not putting Him first.

- Lukewarmness – Not caring about Him. (e.g., Revelation 3)

- Generally…sin (disobedience to God, 1 John 3:2)


What are we here for?

-         Fun comes SECOND to God.

-         The center of this all is God.


If we haven’t put God first here or in the rest of our lives, we should be like Josiah and ask for forgiveness.  We need Him first in our lives.  Without Him, we wouldn’t even BE here!  He has made us to glorify Him!


-         Repeat 1 John 1:9 (Memory verse)




-         Are we God’s friend?