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My Old Evangelism Survey at NC State

Bible Bee 2005, Salvation Army


Essays & Articles

Sterling's Baptism Testimony [very basic] (.swf) (.pdf)

Weakminded Theologian's Comparison

Off with the Old...

Salvation Army Parents Letter


VBS: The Wacky Year (36 in the class)
Days 1 - 5 in the VBS directory


VBS: Teaching Year 5

Day 1 - Elijah vs. the prophets of Baal

Day 2 - Esther & Mordecai

Day 3 - Nicodemus & John's Responses to Jesus

Day 4 - Saul's Conversion

Day 5 - Speak Up!



The Sign of the Fish


Love Never Fails

Good Person (What answer would you give to God?)


The Gifts of the Wisemen

Chapel Sermon (Partial clip)

Merry Christmas 2007 (Broken Camcorder)



Dancing Preacher Videos & Materials

Pulse Tour: Day Zero

Pulse Tour: Day One

Pulse Tour: Day Two

Pulse Tour: Day Three

Pulse Tour: Day Four

Pulse Tour: Day Five

Pulse Event: April 2007




The rest of the Minor Prophets Series

"Powerful Prayer" Series

General Messages

Romans 8:1-11 - Spirit and Flesh: Spirit or Flesh? (.swf) (audio - .wma)

Luke 5:1-11 - Drop Everything (audio)

Malachi 2:1-9 - An Offal Way of Service (.swf) (.pdf) (audio)

OT Prophecies & Matthew 2 - Prophetic Gifts (.swf) (.pdf) (.ppt)

Luke 4 & 1 John 2 - Tempted in the Wilderness

Luke 1:5-25, 57-80 - Give Him the Name John... (.swf) (.pdf)

Matthew 20:20-28 - Not So with You (.swf) (.pdf)


Cafe Messages

Matthew 2:11 - The Three Gifts of the Wise Men (.swf) (.pdf)

Luke 12:1-4 - Running the Race (.swf) (.pdf)

Luke 12:5-11 - Enduring Divine Chastisement (.swf) (.pdf)

2 Chronicles 5 (focus: vv. 11-14) - In Unified Praise and Thanksgiving (.swf) (.pdf)

Psalm 23 & John 10 - Our Shepherd, the Good Shepherd (.swf) (.pdf)

Psalm 29 - The LORD, the King of Creation and Natural Wonders (.swf) (.pdf)

Psalm 93 - The Majestic, Holy, and Eternal LORD (.swf) (.pdf)


Inside Out Youth Group (Teenz4theLord)

"A Pure Heart to Serve the Lord" (.swf) (.pdf)

All Charges Dismissed (.swf) (.pdf)

"120 Years" (.swf) (.pdf)

Matthew's Genealogy of Jesus

Seven Steps: How to be in Closer Relationship with the Lord

The Lord Provides

The Reason


Jesus is Waiting Chat

Hebrews - "Above, Yet Made a Form Below" (.swf) (.pdf)

Three Key Bible Revelations


Other (Topica Listserv, etc.)

Believers' Prayer for Boldness (.swf) (.pdf)

A Few Thoughts on Swearing (.swf) (.pdf)

Chowin' Down on Hamburgers

Cleansing Power of God

Four Answers

Fun-tastic Facts about the Bible

Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh

Grice's Quality Maxim

I Found this Pretty Cool...

In the Beginning

'Maundy' Thursday

Night and Day

One Example of Paul Practicing What he Preached

Prayer isn't for Spiritual Wimps

Spiritual Gifts Test

Sterling's Baptism Testimony


Yes, He DID Live a Difficult Life


Various Sermons and Messages preached by Sterling C. Franklin

For Full Curricula, request a pdf via email (djsterf at gmail dot com)

Minor Prophets (Full Sunday school curriculum)

Closing the GAP to Optimal Ministry (Brief Spiritual Gifts survey for teams)

Explore Christianity: Q&A (Scriptural, Apologetics, and Historical discussion)


"Sent" Series

Isaiah 6:1-13: Here Am I (.swf) (.pdf) (audio)

Matthew 28:16-20: Make Disciples (.swf) (.pdf) (audio)

Acts 13:1-5: Send Others


Habakkuk Series

Habakkuk 1:1-2:1 - How Long, O LORD? (.swf) (.pdf)

Habakkuk 2:2-20 - How Just, O LORD.

Habakkuk 3:1-19 - How Powerful, O LORD!


Minor Prophets Series

Week 1: Minor Prophets Introduction (.swf) (.pdf) & Jonah (.swf) (.pdf) (audio)

Week 2: Joel (.swf) (.pdf) & Obadiah (.swf) (.pdf)

Week 3: Amos (.swf) (.pdf)

(For the rest, see Full Curricula at the top of the page)












Sterling C. Franklin is an M.Div. graduate from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and an ordained minister with the ECA (Evangelical Church Alliance).